Wandering Women 2 (zine)

  • Wandering Women 2 (zine)

The follow up to our original Wandering Women zine, with an introduction by Connecticut Shorty. This is a new zine with entirely different content from the original Wandering Women.

From colonial times, American vagabonds wandered from town to town on foot. In the last quarter of the 19th century, railroads expanded across the country, bringing with them a growing population of hobo workers and tramp wanderers. Among those riding the rails were an unknown number of women, often dressed as men. The autobiography of the female hobo is almost nonexistent, but newspapers of the day offer a glimpse into their lives on the road. This zine contains a wide cross-section of news articles from the 1870s through the 1940s and book excerpts. It is by no means a history of the female hobo—many of the stories are sensationalized, and the language and attitudes reflect the sexism of their time.

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➵ Black and white zine
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